Book List
Author Title Publication Year Publisher Format ISBN Genre Subject  
Webster's Biographical Dictionary 1957 G.C.Merriam Co. Hardcover Reference Biography Details
The Oxford Illustrated History Of Medieval Europe 1988 Oxford University Press, USA Hardcover 9780198200734 History Civilization, Medieval Details
Abrams, M.H. In Search Of Literary Theory, 1972 Cornell University Press 9780801407147 Literature Criticism; Literature - History And Criticism Details
Henry Adams The Education Of Henry Adams 1931 The Modern Library (Random) Hardcover 9780394600765 Autobiography American History Details
Giorgio Agamben Language And Death 1991 University of Minnesota Press 9780816619368 Philosophy Death; Language And Languages - Philosophy; Negativity (Philosophy) Details
Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed The War On Truth: 9/11, Disinformation And The Anatomy Of Terrorism 2005 Olive Branch Press Paperback 9781566565967 Hidden History; Politics Intelligence service; September 11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001; Terrorism - Government policy; Terrorism - History; War on Terrorism, 2001- Details
Edward Albee Tiny Alice 1972 Pocket Books Paperback Literature Drama - American Details
William Foxwell Albright From The Stone Age To Christianity 1957 Doubleday Anchor Book Paperback History Ancient Religion Details
Aldington, William trans. The Golden Asse Of Lucius Apuleius 1947 JOHN WESTHOUSE Hardcover Fiction Details
alfred, william Medieval Epics 1963 The Modern Library Literature Details
Dante Alighieri; Ciardi, John (trans) The Divine Comedy 1977 W. W. Norton Hardcover 9780393044720 Poetry Details
Dante Alighieri; Allen Mandelbaum The Divine Comedy: Inferno; Purgatorio; Paradiso 1995 Everyman's Library Hardcover 9780679433132 Literature; Poetry Details
Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy 2013 Liveright 9780871404480 Poetry Hell - Poetry; Paradise - Poetry; Purgatory - Poetry Details
Saul Alinsky Rules For Radicals 1972 Vintage Paperback 9780394717364 Politics Radical Activism Details
Allison, David ed. New Nietzsche: Contemporary Styles Of Interpretation 1985 The MIT Press Paperback 9780262510349 Philosophy Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm; Philosophers; Philosophy / General; Philosophy / History & Surveys / Modern; Philosophy, German Details
Stephen E. Ambrose; C.L. Sulzberger World War Ii 2009 Tess Press Hardcover 9781603761543 History; War World War, 1939-1945 Details
A.R. Ammons Tape For The Turn Of The Year 1972 W. W. Norton 9780393006599 Poetry Poetry / American / General; Poetry / General Details
A.R. Ammons Sphere 1974 Norton 9780393043938 Poetry American Poetry; Poetry / American / General; Poetry / General Details
Tyler G. Anbinder Nativism And Slavery: The Northern Know Nothings And The Politics Of The 1850s 1994 Oxford University Press, USA Paperback 9780195089226 History American History; Know-nothings; Sectional Conflict Details
George K. Anderson The Legend of the Wandering Jew 1965 Brown Paperback 9780874515473 Literature; Non-Fiction; Religious Wandering Jew Details
Kenneth Anger Hollywood Babylon 1981 Dell Pub Co Performing Arts Details
Keith Ansell-Pearson Germinal Life 1999 Psychology Press 9780415183512 Philosophy Bergson, Henri - Influence; Deleuze, Gilles; Philosophy / Ethics & Moral Philosophy; Philosophy / General; Philosophy / History & Surveys / General Details
Ansell-Pearson, Keith, ed. Deleuze And Philosophy : 1997 Routledge 9780415142700 Deleuze, Gilles; Philosophy / General; Philosophy / History & Surveys / Modern; Philosophy, French Details
Ruth Nanda. Anshen The Reality Of The Devil: Evil In Man. 1974 A Delta Book Paperback Philosophy; Religious Evil Details
Guillaume Apollinaire Selected Writings Of Guillaume Apollinaire (New Directions Books) 1971 New Directions Publishing Corporation Paperback 9780811200035 Poetry Apollinaire, Guillaume - Translations Into English; Fiction / General; Literary Criticism / European / French; Poetry / Continental European Details
Apter, David ed.; Joll, James ed. Anarchism Today 1972 Anchor Books Politics Anarchism Details
Hannah Arendt On Violence 1970 Harvest Books Paperback 9780156695008 Politics Political Theory; Violence Details
Hannah Arendt On Revolution 1977 Penguin (Non-Classics) Paperback 9780140216813 Politics; War Political Ideologies Details
Hannah Arendt The Origins Of Totalitarianism 1958 Meridian Books, Inc. Paperback History; Politics Communism; Fascism & Nazism; Political Ideologies; Political Theory Details
Dionysius the Areopagite Pseudo-Dionysius: The Complete Works 1993 Paulist Press International, U.S. Paperback 9780809128389 Occult; Philosophy; Religious Mysticism Details
Ludovico Ariosto Orlando Furioso 2009 Belknap Press of Harvard University Press Hardcover 9780674035355 Fiction; Poetry Roland (Legendary Character) - Romances Details
Aristotle The Politics 1981 Penguin Classics Paperback 9780140444216 Philosophy; Politics Political Theory Details
Aristotle The Art Of Rhetoric 1992 Penguin Classics Paperback 9780140445107 Language; Philosophy Language Arts & Disciplines / Public Speaking; Philosophy / Political; Rhetoric; Rhetoric, Ancient; Rhetoric/ Early Works To 1800 Details
Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics Library of Liberal Arts Paperback Philosophy Ethics, Ancient Details
Antonin Artaud Artaud Anthology 2001 City Lights Publishers Paperback 9780872860001 Literature Drama / Anthologies; Drama / General; Fiction / Literary; Fiction / Short Stories; Literary Collections / Essays Details
John Ashbery Notes From The Air 2008 HarperCollins 9780061367182 Poetry Poetry; Poetry / American / General; Poetry / General Details
John Ashbery Self-Portrait In A Convex Mirror 1976 Penguin (Non-Classics) Paperback 9780140422016 Poetry American Poetry; Gay Men; Gay Men's Writings; Poetry / American / General; Poetry / General Details
John Ashbery Three Poems 1972 Penguin (Non-Classics) Paperback 9780670003457 Poetry Fiction / General; Poetry; Poetry / American / General; Poetry / General; Prose Poems, American Details
John Ashbery Double Dream Of Spring 1984 W W Norton & Co Ltd Paperback 9780912946276 Poetry Gay Men; Poetry; Poetry / American / General; Poetry / General Details
John Ashbery April Galleons 1988 Puffin Paperback 9780140586039 Poetry Fiction / Literary; Gay Men; Gay Men's Writings; Poems; Poetry / General Details
John Ashbery Houseboat Days 1977 Viking Press 9780140422023 Poetry American Poetry/ 20th Century/ History And Criticism Details
John Ashbery Shadow Train 1981 Penguin Books 9780140422887 Poetry Details
Paul Aussaresses The Battle Of The Casbah: Terrorism And Counter-Terrorism In Algeria 1955-1957 2002 Enigma Books Hardcover 9781929631124 History Algerian War of National Liberation Details
Alain Badiou Being And Event 2006 Continuum International Publishing Group Hardcover 9780826458315 Philosophy Events (Philosophy); Ontology; Set Theory Details
Alain Badiou Deleuze: The Clamor Of Being 1999 University of Minnesota Press Paperback 9780816631407 Philosophy Deleuze, Gilles Details
Michael Baigent Dead Sea Scrolls Deception 1993 Simon & Schuster Paperback 9780671797973 Archeology; History; Religious Dead Sea Scrolls Details
Michael Baigent; Richard Leigh; Henry Lincoln The Messianic Legacy 1987 Henry Holt & Co Hardcover 9780805005684 Hidden History; Religious Christianity; Messianism - History Details
Herschel Baker The Race Of Time 1967 University of Toronto Press Hardcover 9780802014306 History Historiography Details
Russ Baker Family Of Secrets 2009 Bloomsbury Press Paperback 9781608190065 Hidden History; Politics Business And Politics; Business And Politics/ United States; Presidents; Presidents/ United States/ Biography; United States Details
Arthur Banks A Military Atlas Of The First World War 2002 Pen and Sword Paperback 9780850527919 History World War I Details
Malcolm Barber The Two Cities: Medieval Europe, 1050-1320 1991 Routledge Hardcover 9780415067805 History Medieval Europe Details
Anne Baring; Jules Cashford The Myth Of The Goddess: Evolution Of An Image 1993 Penguin (Non-Classics) Paperback 9780140192926 Religious Goddesses; Goddesses in art; Mythology Details
Michael Barkun Religion And The Racist Right 1996 University of North Carolina Press 9780807846384 Politics; Religious Anglo-Israelism; Anglo-Israelism/ United States/ History; United States; White Supremacy Movements; White Supremacy Movements/ United States/ History Details
William Barrett Time Of Need Forms Of Imagination In The 20th Centrury Harper Torchbooks Paperback 9780061317545 Literature; Philosophy Details
John M. Barry Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood Of 1927 And How It Changed America 1998 Simon & Schuster Paperback 9780684840024 History Mississippi Flood of 1927 Details
Georges Bataille The Accursed Share, Vols. 2 And 3: The History Of Eroticism And Sovereignty 1993 Zone Books Paperback 9780942299212 Philosophy; Politics; Psychology Eroticism and Economics Details
Georges Bataille Story Of The Eye 1987 City Lights Publishers Paperback 9780872862098 Fiction Erotic stories, French - Translations into English Details
Georges Bataille Literature And Evil 1981 Urizen Books 9780893960148 Literature Evil In Literature; Literary Criticism / General; Literature, Modern Details
Georges Bataille Accursed Share, Vol. 1: Consumption 1991 Zone Books Paperback 9780942299113 History; Politics; Sociology Economic History; Economics; Economics/ Moral And Ethical Aspects Details
Charles Baudelaire Selected Poems From Les Fleurs Du Mal 1998 University of Chicago Press Hardcover 9780226039251 Poetry French literature - History and criticism; Modern French Poetry Details
Charles Baudelaire Flowers Of Evil: A Selection 1955 New Directions Publishing Corporation Paperback 9780811200066 Poetry French Poetry; Poetry / Anthologies; Poetry / Continental European Details
Charles P. Baudelaire Fatal Destinies : The Edgar Allan Poe Essays 1981 Cross Country Press Paperback 9780916696177 Literature Details
Christopher Beach Abc Of Influence: Ezra Pound And The Remaking Of American Poetic Tradition 1992 University of California Press Hardcover 9780520075276 Literature; Poetry American Poetry - History And Criticism; Influence (Literary, Artistic, Etc.) Details
Annette Becker; Stephane Audoin-Rouzeau 14-18: Understanding The Great War 2002 Hill and Wang Hardcover 9780809046423 Bereavement - History; Nationalism - History; Race discrimination - History; Violence - History; World War I Details
Samuel Beckett Stories And Texts For Nothing 1968 Grove Press Paperback Fiction Details
Samuel Beckett More Pricks Than Kicks 1972 Random House~trade Paperback 9780394177892 Experimental Fiction; Fiction / Classics; Fiction / Literary; Short Stories Details
Samuel Beckett Collected Poems In English And French 1977 Grove Press : distributed by Random House 9780394170138 Poetry Poetry, Modern Details
Wolfgang Behringer Shaman Of Oberstdorf: Chonrad Stoeckhlin And The Phantoms Of The Night (Studies In Early Modern German History) 1998 University of Virginia Press Paperback 9780813918532 History Medieval Shamanism Details
Walter Benjamin The Writer Of Modern Life: Essays On Charles Baudelaire 2006 Belknap Press Paperback 9780674022874 Literature; Poetry Beaudelaire Details
Walter Benjamin The Arcades Project 2002 Belknap Press Paperback 9780674008021 History; Philosophy Archeology - alternate; Cultural Studies Details
G. Benn Primal Vision: Selected Writings 1971 W. W. Norton & Co. Paperback 9780811200080 Poetry German Literature Details
Bennington, Geoffrey ed,; Attridge, Derek ed. Poststructuralism And the Question Of History 1993 Cambridge University Press Paperback 9780521367806 History Historiography; Theory of History Details
Henri Bergson The Two Sources Of Morality And Religion 1954 DoubleDay Philosophy Ethics; Mysticism; Religion - Philosophy Details
George Berkeley 3 Dialogues Between Hylas And Philonous 1994 Arete Press 9780941736053 Philosophy Idealism; Philosophy / General; Philosophy / History & Surveys / Ancient & Classical; Philosophy / History & Surveys / Modern; Soul Details
Isaiah Sir Berlin The Crooked Timber Of Humanity: Chapters In The History Of Ideas 1991 Knopf Hardcover 9780679401315 Philosophy Political Theory Details
Pierre Berloquin Hidden Codes & Grand Designs 2010 Sterling 9781402773006 History Business & Economics / Business Writing; Cryptology; Games / Puzzles; History / General; History / World; Language Arts & Disciplines / Communication Details
Louis De Bernieres Corelli's Mandolin 1995 Vintage Paperback 9780679763970 Fiction Cephalonia Island (Greece); Historical Fiction; War Stories; World War, 1939-1945; World War, 1939-1945/ Greece/ Cephalonia Island/ Fiction Details
Timothy Bewes Cynicism And Post Modernity 1997 Verso Paperback 9781859841969 Philosophy Civilization, Modern; Cynicism; Philosophy, Modern; Postmodernism Details
Clifford Bias Qabalah, Tarot & The Western Mystery Tradition: The 22 Connecting Paths On The Tree Of Life 1997 Weiser Books Paperback 9781578630318 Occult Cabala - Miscellanea; Jewish Mysticism; Occultism; Tarot; Tarot - Miscellanea Details
Ambrose Bierce; S. T. Joshi; David E. Schultz The Fall Of The Republic And Other Political Satires 2000 University of Tennessee Press Paperback 9781572330962 Fiction; Politics Social & Political Essays Details
James Billington Fire In The Minds Of Men 1999 Transaction Publishers 9780765804716 History; Politics Revolutionaries - History - 19th Century; Revolutionaries/ History/ 19th Century; Revolutions; Revolutions - History - 19th Century; Revolutions/ History/ 19th Century Details
John Bishop Joyce's Book Of The Dark: Finnegans Wake (Mark H Ingraham Prize) 1993 University of Wisconsin Press Paperback 9780299108243 Literature Finnegan's Wake ; James Joyce Details
Black, Jeremy ed. World History Atlas 2005 DK ADULT Hardcover 9780756609672 History Atlases, British; Historical Atlas; Historical geography - Maps Details
William Blake Blake's Poems And Prophecies 1972 Dutton / Dent Hardcover 9780460017923 Poetry Fiction / Literary; Poetry / General; Poetry Texts & Anthologies Details
Marc Bloch The Historian's Craft 1964 Vintage Mass Market Paperback 9780394705125 History Historiography Details
Harold Bloom The American Religion: The Emergence Of The Post-Christian Nation 1993 Simon & Schuster Paperback 9780671867379 Religious Mormonism, Christian Science, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc. Details
Harold Bloom Omens Of The Millennium: The Gnosis Of Angels, Dreams, And Resurrection 1997 Riverhead Books Paperback 9781573226295 Literature; Religious Gnosticism; Occult Christianity Details
Harold Bloom The Western Canon 1994 Harcourt Hardcover 9780151957477 Literature Canon (Literature); Literature - History And Criticism Details
Harold Bloom William Faulkner 1986 Chelsea House 9780877546528 Literature Criticism And Interpretation; Faulkner, William; Literary Criticism / American / General Details
Harold Bloom Thomas Pynchon 1986 Chelsea House Publishers 9780877547150 Literature American Literature - History And Criticism; Pynchon, Thomas Details
Harold Bloom Shakespeare: The Invention Of The Human 1998 Riverhead Hardcover 9781573221207 Literature Characters And Characteristics In Literature; Drama; Humanism In Literature; Personality In Literature; Shakespeare Details
Harold Bloom The Anatomy Of Influence 2012 Yale University Press 9780300181449 Literary Criticism / Books & Reading; Literary Criticism / General; Literary Criticism / Semiotics & Theory Details
Harold Bloom Poetry And Repression: Revisionism From Blake To Stevens 1980 Yale University Press 9780300026047 Literature English Poetry - History And Criticism; Literary Criticism Details
Giovanni Boccaccio The Decameron Of Giovanni Boccaccio 1962 Dell Pub. Co. Mass Market Paperback 9780440318668 Fiction; Literature Italian Literature Details
Eavan Boland Outside History: Selected Poems, 1980-1990 2001 W. W. Norton & Company 9780393308228 Poetry Fiction / General; Ireland; Poetry / English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh; Poetry / General Details
Peter De Bolla Harold Bloom 1988 Routledge 9780415009003 Literature Criticism - History - United States; English Poetry - History And Criticism; Historical Criticism (Literature); Literary Criticism Details
James A. Boon Verging On Extra-Vagance: Anthropology, History, Religion, Literature, Arts . . . Showbiz: Anthropology, History, Religion, Literature, Arts...Showbiz 1999 Princeton University Press Paperback 9780691016313 History Anthropology Details
Daniel J. Boorstin Hidden History: Exploring Our Secret Past 1989 Vintage Paperback 9780679722236 History American Historical Conceptions Details
Mark Booth The Secret History Of The World: As Laid Down By The Secret Societies 2008 Overlook Hardcover Hardcover 9781590200315 Hidden History Occult Details
Martin Booth Opium: A History 1998 Thomas Dunne Books Hardcover 9780312186432 History Drugs; Opium abuse - History; Opium trade - History Details
Jorge Luis Borges Collected Fictions 1998 Viking Adult Hardcover 9780670849703 Fiction Details
Jorge Luis Borges Other Inquisitions, 1937-1952 1972 Simon and Schuster Paperback 9780671213343 Literature Literary Criticism / General; Literature Details
Jorge Luis Borges Borges: Selected Non-Fictions 2000 Penguin 9780140290110 Biography & Autobiography / Literary; Borges, Jorge Luis; Literary Collections / Essays; Literary Criticism / Caribbean & Latin American; Spanish Prose Literature Details
Giovanna Borradori Recoding Metaphysics 1988 Northwestern University Press 9780810107991 Philosophy Metaphysics - History; Philosophy, Italian Details
Boundas, Constantin V. ed.; Olkowski, Dorothea, ed. Gilles Deleuze And The Theater Of Philosophy 1994 Routledge 9780415905053 Philosophy Aesthetics, Modern; Aesthetics, Modern 20th Century; Aesthetics, Modern/ 20th Century; Philosophy, Modern; Philosophy, Modern/ 20th Century Details
Christopher Bracken Magical Criticism: The Recourse Of Savage Philosophy 2007 University of Chicago Press Paperback 9780226069913 Literature Details
Robert B. Brandom Tales of the Mighty Dead: Historical Essays in the Metaphysics of Intentionality 2002 Harvard University Press Hardcover 9780674009035 Philosophy Intentionality Details
Fernand Braudel Afterthoughts On Material Civilization And Capitalism (The Johns Hopkins Symposia In Comparative History) 1979 Johns Hopkins University Press Paperback 9780801822179 History European Economic History Details
Fernand Braudel The Wheels Of Commerce: Civilization And Capitalism, 15th-18th Century Volume 2 1983 HarperCollins Paperback 9780060150914 History European Economic History Details
Fernand Braudel The Perspective Of The World: Civilization & Capitalism, 15th - 18th Century Volume 3 1984 HarperCollins Publishers Hardcover 9780060153175 History European Economic History Details
Brautigan, Richard The Pill Vesus the Springhill Mine Disaster Paperback Poetry Details
Ernst Breisach Historiography: Ancient, Medieval, And Modern 1995 University of Chicago Press Paperback 9780226072784 History Historiography Details
Alan Bridgewater Mastering Hand Tool Techniques 2012 Skyhorse Publishing 9781616085131 Crafts & Hobbies / General; Crafts & Hobbies / Reference; Crafts & Hobbies / Woodwork; Woodwork; Woodworking Tools Details
Luc Brisson; Tihanyi, Catherine trans. How Philosophers Saved Myths 2008 Paperback 9780226075372 Literature; Philosophy Myth In Literature; Mythology; Philosophy, Ancient Details
Charlotte Brontë Jane Eyre 1983 Bantam Classics Paperback 9780553211405 Fiction Details
Rosalind Brooke; Christopher Brooke Popular Religion In The Middle Ages 1984 Thames & Hudson Ltd Hardcover 9780500250877 History Medieval Religion Details
Dan Brown The Lost Symbol 2009 Doubleday Books Hardcover 9780385504225 Fiction Details
Elizabeth Barrett Browning The Poetical Works Of Elizabeth Barrett Browning. 1974 Houghton Mifflin (T) Hardcover 9780395180129 Poetry English Poetry Details
Buchanan, Ian Deleuzism: A Metacommentary 2000 Duke University Press Paperback 9780822325482 Philosophy Deleuze Details
Ian Buchanan Deleuze And Guattari's Anti-Oedipus 2008 Continuum 9780826491497 Philosophy Capitalism/ Social Aspects; Delueze & Guattari; Schizophrenia; Schizophrenia/ Social Aspects; Social Psychiatry Details
Charles Bukowski Women 1978 HarperCollins Paperback 9780876853900 Fiction Details
Eugene Burdick The Ninth Wave 1956 Fiction Fiction Details
Edmund Burke Reflections On The Revolution In France 1955 Macmillan Pub Co Paperback 9780024201904 History Details
Edward Burman The Templars, Knights Of God: The Rise And Fall Of The Knights Templars 1986 Crucible Hardcover 9780850305562 History Knights Templar Details
William S Burroughs The Last Words Of Dutch Schultz: A Fiction In The Form Of A Film Script 1981 Distributed by Grove Press Unknown Binding 9780394178523 Crime; Fiction Details
William S. Burroughs The Wild Boys: A Book Of The Dead (Burroughs, William S.) 1994 Grove Press Paperback 9780802133311 Fiction Details
William S. Burroughs Cities Of The Red Night 1982 Henry Holt & Company Paperback 9780030615214 Fiction Details
William S. Burroughs Exterminator! 1973 Viking Adult Hardcover 9780670302819 Fiction Details
William S. Burroughs Port Of Saints 1980 Blue Wind Press Paperback 9780912652658 Fiction Details
William S. Burroughs The Soft Machine 1994 Grove Press Paperback 9780802133298 Fiction; Science Fiction Gay men - Fiction Details
William S., Burroughs Nova Express 1964 Grove Press Fiction Details
William S., Burroughs The Soft Machine 1966 Grove Press Fiction Details
Burtt, E. A. Ed. The Teachings Of The Compassionate Buddha 1955 Mentor Mass Market Paperback Religious Buddhism Details
Alan Butler The Goddess, The Grail And The Lodge 2003 O Books Paperback 9781903816691 Hidden History; Religious Grail Legends & Pagan Influence Details
Alan Butler The Virgin And The Pentacle: The Freemasonic Plot To Destroy The Church 2005 O Books Paperback 9781905047321 Hidden History; Religious Freemasonry - History Details
E.M. Butler Fortunes of Faust 1998 Sutton Publishing+ltd Paperback 9780750918602 Hidden History Faust Legend Details
byron Byron Poetry Details
Thomas Cahill Mysteries Of The Middle Ages: And The Beginning Of The Modern World (Hinges Of History) 2008 Anchor Paperback 9780385495561 Hidden History; History Medieval Europe Details
James M. Cain Three By Cain: Serenade, Love's Lovely Counterfeit, The Butterfly 1989 Vintage Paperback 9780679723233 Fiction Detective and mystery stories, American Details
Roberto Calasso The Marriage Of Cadmus And Harmony 1993 Alfred a Knopf Hardcover 9780394581545 Literature Mythology Details
Antonio Calcagno Giordano Bruno And The Logic Of Coincidence: Unity And Multiplicity In The Philosophical Thought Of Giordano Bruno (Renaissance And Baroque Studies And Texts) 1998 Peter Lang Publishing Hardcover 9780820438696 Philosophy Bruno; Coincidence; Whole and parts (Philosophy) Details
Ian Caldwell; Dustin Thomason The Rule Of Four 2004 The Dial Press Hardcover 9780385337113 Fiction Details
Randolph D. Calverhall Serpent's Walk 1991 National Vanguard Books 9780937944059 Fiction Fiction / General Details
Albert Camus The Rebel 1992 Vintage Paperback 9780679733843 Philosophy Good And Evil; History / Revolutionary; Murder; Philosophy / General; Revolutions Details
Albert Camus The Plague 1948 The Modern Library Advertisements; Annotations (Provenance); Fiction; Psychological Fiction; Publishers&apos Plague - Fiction Details
Albert Camus The Myth Of Sisyphus: And Other Essays 1991 Vintage Paperback 9780679733737 Philosophy Philosophy Details
A. Robert Caponigri Time & Idea: The Theory Of History In Giambattista Vico 1968 University of Notre Dame Press (1968) Unknown Binding Philosophy Theory of History; Vico Details
Thomas, Carlyle Sartor Resartus. 1921 J.M. Dent & Sons, ltd. History Theory of History Details
Ronald H. Carpenter History As Rhetoric: Persuasiveness Of Style And Narrative (Studies In Rhetoric/Communication) 1995 University of South Carolina Press Hardcover 9781570030321 History Historiography Details
Edward Hallet Carr What Is History? 1967 Vintage Paperback 9780394703916 History Theory of History Details
Edward Casey The Fate of Place: A Philosophical History 1998 University of California Press Paperback 9780520216495 Philosophy Place & Space Details
Castaneda, Carlos Tales Of Power 1979 Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group Paperback 9780671831219 Psychology; Religious Yaqui Shamanism Details
Carlos Castaneda Tales Of Power 1975 Holiday House Paperback 9780671221447 Anthropology; Occult Hallucinogenic Drugs And Religious Experience; Religion / Ethnic & Tribal; Religion / Psychology Of Religion; Religion And Mythology; Yaqui Indians Details
Russ Castronovo Necro Citizenship: Death, Eroticism, And The Public Sphere In The Nineteenth-Century United States (New Americanists) 2001 Duke University Press Paperback 9780822327721 History Sociology of Death Details
Bruce Catton A Stillness Of Appomattox 1979 Pocket Paperback 9780671834319 History Civil War Details
Bruce Catton Terrible Swift Sword 1988 Phoenix Press 9781898800248 History; War Civil War; United States Details
Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza; Paolo Menozzi; Alberto Piazza The History And Geography Of Human Genes 1996 Princeton University Press 9780691029054 Anthropology Genes; Human Evolution; Human Geography; Human Population Genetics; Science / Life Sciences / Genetics & Genomics Details
Louis-Ferdinand, Ce´line Castle To Castle 1976 Penguin Paperback 9780140043419 Fiction Details
Paul Celan Poems Of Paul Celan: A Bilingual German/English Edition 2001 Persea Books 9780892551347 Poetry / Continental European; Poetry / General Details
Michel de Certeau The Writing Of History 1992 Columbia University Press Paperback 9780231055758 History Historiography Details
Michel de Certeau Heterologies: Discourse On The Other 1986 University of Minnesota Press Paperback 9780816614042 Philosophy Fiction / General; Literature; Literature - Philosophy; Literature Philosophy Addresses, Essays, Lectures; Literature/ Philosophy Details
Raymond Chandler The Lady In The Lake, The Little Sister, The Long Goodbye, Playback (Everyman's Library) 2002 Everyman's Library Hardcover 9780375415029 Fiction Detective and mystery stories, American; Marlowe, Philip (Fictitious character) - Fiction; Private investigators - Fiction Details
Raymond Chandler The High Window 1973 Ballantine Books Paperback 9780345022035 Crime; Detective And Mystery Stories; Fiction Details
Raymond Chandler Big Sleep 1973 Ballantine Books Poche 9780345222015 Fiction Crime Novel Details
Raymond Chandler Trouble Is My Business 1980 Ballantine Books Mass Market Paperback 9780345288622 Crime; Fiction Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Hard-Boiled; Non-Classifiable Details
Jung Chang; Jon Halliday Mao: The Unknown Story 2005 Us Imports Hardcover 9780679422716 Biography; History Mao Tse-Tung Details
Geoffrey Chaucer Canterbury Tales 1976 J M Dent & Sons Ltd Paperback 9780460013079 Literature Canterbury (England); Christian Pilgrims And Pilgrimages; English Poetry; Storytelling; Tales, Medieval Details
Lee Child Running Blind 2001 Jove Paperback 9780515130973 Fiction Crime Novel Details
Herschel B. Chipp Theories Of Modern Art 1984 University of California Press 9780520052567 Art ????????; Art, Modern - 19th Century - History; Art, Modern - 20th Century - History; Art, Modern/ 19th Century/ History/ Addresses, Essays, Lectures; Art, Modern/ 20th Century/ History/ Addresses, Essays, Lectures Details
Noam Chomsky Aspects Of The Theory Of Syntax 1972 Language Linguistics Details
Jacques Choron Death And Western Thought 1973 Macmillan Pub Co 9780020647102 Philosophy Details
Tobias Churton The Invisible History Of The Rosicrucians: The World's Most Mysterious Secret Society 2009 Inner Traditions Paperback 9781594772559 Hidden History Rosicrucians Details
Tobias Churton Gnostic Philosophy From Ancient Persia To Modern Times 2005 Inner Tradition 9781594770357 Body, Mind & Spirit / Mysticism; Gnosticism; Religion / Christianity / History; Religion / Philosophy Details
E. M. Cioran History And Utopia 1998 University of Chicago Press Paperback 9780226106762 Philosophy Utopian Ideas Details
Carl von Clausewitz On War 1968 Penguin Books Ltd Paperback 9780140400045 Politics; War History / Military / General; History / Military / Strategy; Military Art And Science; Technology & Engineering / Military Science; War Details
Crockett Clayton Deleuze Beyond Badiou 2013 Columbia University Press 9780231162692 Philosophy Literary Criticism / General Details
Salaman Clement The Way Of Hermes 2000 Inner Traditions Hardcover 9780892818174 Occult Mythology Details
Alexander Cockburn Idle Passion: Chess And The Dance Of Death 1974 A Plume Book/ New American Library/Times Mirror Paperback Psychology Chess Details
Sande Cohen Historical Culture: On The Recoding Of An Academic Discipline 1988 University of California Press Paperback 9780520064539 History Historiography Details
Norman Cohn The Pursuit Of The Millennium: Revolutionary Millenarians And Mystical Anarchists Of The Middle Ages (Galaxy Books) 1970 Oxford University Press, USA Paperback 9780195004564 History Medieval Millenarianism Details
Jerry Coker Improvising Jazz 1987 Fireside 9780671628291 Improvisation (Music); Jazz; Jazz - Instruction And Study; Jazz Music; Jazz/ Instruction And Study Details
Samuel Taylor Coleridge Coleridge: Selected Poetry And Prose 1985 Puffin Paperback 9780140585018 Literature; Poetry English Poetry Details
Marcia L. Colish Medieval Foundations Of The Western Intellectual Tradition (Yale Intellectual History Of The West Se) 1999 Yale University Press 9780300078527 History; Literature; Philosophy Comparative Civilization; Europe; History / World; Intellectual Life; Learning And Scholarship Details
R.G. Collingwood The Idea Of History 1994 Oxford University Press Paperback 9780192853066 History; Philosophy Business & Economics / Money & Monetary Policy; Historiography; History; History - Philosophy; History/ Philosophy Details
Collins, Alan C.. The Story Of America In Pictures 1962 Doubleday & Company, Inc. Hardcover History American History Details
Andrew Collins From The Ashes Of Angels: The Forbidden Legacy Of A Fallen Race 2001 Bear & Company Paperback 9781879181724 Hidden History Angels - Miscellanea Details
Roger Collins Early Medieval Spain: Unity In Diversity, 400-1000 1983 Palgrave Macmillan 9780312224646 History History / Europe / Spain & Portugal; History / General; Spain; Spain - History - 711-1516; Spain - History - Gothic Period, 414-711 Details
Francesco Colonna; Joscelyn Godwin Hypnerotomachia Poliphili: The Strife Of Love In A Dream 2003 Thames & Hudson Hardcover 9780500511046 Adventure; Art; Literature; Romantic Architectural Writing; Architecture / Residential; Architecture In Literature; Gardens In Literature; History / Renaissance Details
Darby Conley The Dog Is Not A Toy: House Rule #4 2001 Andrews McMeel Publishing Paperback 9780740713927 Comic Get Fuzzy; Rob, Bucky & Satchel Details
Darby Conley Survival Of The Filthiest 2012 Andrews McMeel Pub., LLC 9781449421908 Comedy Details
Darby Conley Dumbheart: A Get Fuzzy Collection 2009 Andrews McMeel Publishing 9780740791895 Comedy; Comic Books, Strips, Etc Comics & Graphic Novels / Comics & Cartoons; Comics & Graphic Novels / General; Comics & Graphic Novels / Manga / General; Humor / Form / Comic Strips & Cartoons; Humor / General Details
Darby Conley The Stinking 2012 Andrews McMeel Pub., LLC 9781449427986 Comic Books, Strips, Etc Details
Darby. Conley Ignorance, Thy Name Is Bucky 2009 Andrews McMeel Pub., LLC Paperback 9780740780981 Comic Rob, Bucky & Satchel Details
Joseph Conrad Almayer's Folly: A Story Of An Eastern River 2007 FQ Classics Kindle Edition Fiction Details
Joseph Conrad Almayer's Folly, A Story Of An Eastern River;: And, Tales Of Unrest (His Collected Edition Of The Works Of Joseph Conrad) 1961 J.M. Dent Unknown Binding Fiction Details
Joseph Conrad Secret Agent 1953 Anchor Paperback 9780385093521 Fiction Details
Joseph, Conrad Lord Jim, 1922 Doubleday, Page & company Fiction Details
William Cookson A Guide To The Cantos Of Ezra Pound 1985 Persea Books Hardcover 9780892550814 Literature; Poetry Details
Robert L.D. Cooper Cracking The Freemasons Code: The Truth About Solomon's Key And The Brotherhood 2007 Atria Paperback 9781416546825 Hidden History Freemasonry - History Details
Frederick Copleston History Of Philosophy , Volume II Medieval Philosophy 1993 Image Paperback 9780385468442 Philosophy Philosophy; Philosophy, Ancient; Philosophy, Medieval; Philosophy, Renaissance Details
Frederick Copleston History Of Philosophy, Volume III: Late Medieval And Renaissance Philosophy 1993 Image Paperback 9780385468459 Philosophy Philosophy; Philosophy / History & Surveys / General; Philosophy, Ancient; Philosophy, Medieval; Philosophy, Renaissance Details
Costakis, George Russian Avant-Garde Art 1981 H.N. Abrams 9780810915565 Art - Private Collections - Soviet Union; Art, Modern - Soviet Union; Art, Russian; Artists - Biography. - Soviet Union; Avant-garde (Aesthetics) - Soviet Union Details
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